Beginner Cam Model Guide: Part V

V: How to utilize your Lovense interactive toys effectively

Even if you’re a beginner cam model, you must have noticed that the overwhelming majority of models use some kind of interactive toy during their live shows. Interactive toys provide users with greater control over the show, they’ve become an essential money making tool over the years.

The most popular interactive toy today is the Lovense Lush, the majority of models own at least one Lush toy. It’s the little pink egg-thingy you’re seeing in practically every model’s room.

Of course, there are other interactive toys out there, but with the Lush being the most widely used toy by far, we’re gonna use it as an example in this guide. 

It’s important to note that while interactive toys can help you make money, they won’t make you stand out or give you any special advantages as a performer.

On the other hand, if you don’t have such a toy, you are at a disadvantage. 

We’re not going to cover the very basics (like how to connect the Lush toy to your phone or dongle) in this section. You can find plenty of guides online that cover these steps. We also have a detailed Wiki article that explains how to set up your Lovense toy and connect it to the site.

You can read the article here:

Instead, we’re gonna provide you with a few guidelines on how to use your Lush toy effectively. 

We can say without exaggeration that for webcam performers, owning a Lush toy is a must.

Among all the interactive toys, this one is the most recognizable.

If you don’t have a Lush yet, we strongly suggest that you acquire one as soon as possible! 

The most recent model is called the Lovense Lush 3. This model is more durable and has better battery life than the previous iterations, and can be charged wirelessly. It costs around $150.

Consider it a short-term investment. 

The Lush can be configured to react to tips with different intensities and durations. It’s a very versatile toy; for example, it can be set up to vibrate when it detects a specific song playing.

You can generate control links and share them with your viewers, it can be controlled remotely with an app, and so on. They keep adding new functionalities regularly. 

In terms of camming, the most important and most obvious functionality of the Lush is vibrating to tips sent by users. 

As a model you have the option to determine how intensely and for how long the toy’s gonna vibrate when you’re receiving a tip. 

As we have pointed out earlier, many models make the mistake of giving away way too much for way too little, and vice versa.  

When it comes to the Lush, there are multiple levels for a reason. 

The first level should always be set to “low”, and should last no longer than a couple of seconds. You may be tempted to set a higher level of vibration and/or a longer duration, thinking it’s gonna bring in more tips. And we understand where you’re coming from. But even if you start raking in tips, in the end you’re not gonna make a whole lot of money this way. 

But the toy’s gonna vibrate for a long time regardless! 

Also, the first level should always be the cheapest option for users to tip towards. If you opt to go with a high level of vibration and/or a longer duration at level 1, then what will you offer at level 2? And level 3? And 4? And for how much? Makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Getting small tips with vibration set to a longer duration introduces another problem. Let’s say that you set up level 1 so that 1 token gets the user 5 seconds of vibration. 

Since one-token tips are the most common, it’s not unusual for a user to send many 1 token tips to keep your Lush vibrating for as long as possible. Some users may send a thousand or more tokens in rapid succession as 1 token tips to a model. If you set the duration to 5 seconds on level 1, that’s 1000×5=5000 seconds. 5000 seconds, or almost an hour and a half of vibration!

Since tips queue up within the Lovense plugin without overriding each other, your toy will vibrate for the entire duration of 5000 seconds.

Should another user show up in your room with the intention of tipping for the Lush, he will be forced to wait until the queue has cleared. Not to mention that the Lush 3 is rated for just 4.5-5 hours of battery life. Conclusion: the level and the duration of the vibration should be set in proportion to the amount of tips received at every level.      

⧫ Control links

You have the option to create and share Lush control links with viewers using either the Lovense plugin, or a smartphone. These control links can then be shared with users via PM.

Models should include this option on their tip menu. Since control links represent some sort of personal attention, exclusivity towards users, you should price them accordingly.  

This grants users an even more intimate level of control, as they gain exclusive control over the toy for a predefined duration. They can adjust the vibration level and pattern using a slider.

⧫ Reverse Lovense Control

Sometimes a user will want the model to control his own Lovense toy remotely. It’s not a common occurrence, but it will happen every once in a while. When it comes to pricing, apply the same guidelines as usual. 

In this scenario, the user can generate control links and share them with the model, or they can add each other within the Lovense Remote app and use it for this purpose.

The Lovense Remote app is basically a more convenient way of controlling a Lovense toy remotely. As with the Lovense plugin, you can generate control links within the app and share them with each other, or take direct control of each other’s toys. The app is available for both Android and iOS. 

⧫ What NOT to do with interactive vibratoys 

1. Don’t try and pretend that the toy is turned on and connected when it’s not 

It’s understandable that some models get exhausted, irritated or bored after a while when their toys are constantly vibrating.

In a long gone era, way before the Lovense overlay was a thing, many models thought it would be wise to turn the toy off, and pretend that it’s vibrating when they are being tipped. 

This might have worked for a while, but then the more observant users eventually started noticing it, expressing their disappointment on online forums, or via bad reviews and ratings on the models’ profile page. 

Then the Lovense overlay was introduced. This overlay displays the tipper’s name and the amount of tips received, and it doesn’t respond unless there’s a toy connected.

And of course, clever models found a way to exploit the weaknesses of this system by acquiring additional toys, connecting one of the toys to the Lovense plugin, and then hiding it under the bed, inserting the other toy that wasn’t even turned on. 

Again, this is something you might be able to get away with…for a while. 

But eventually you will get caught and called out. 

In the worst-case scenario, a prominent member of the site may leave a negative review on your profile, something you should definitely strive to avoid at all costs!

2. Do NOT put the toy in your mouth when it’s turned on

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation: don’t put the Lush (or any other vibratoy) in your mouth when it’s turned on, because high vibrations can damage your teeth.

⧫ Always check the battery level of your toy(s) before going online

There’s nothing worse than having a big tipper in your room showering you with tokens, only for your Lush to run out of battery. Always check your toys’ battery levels before going online!

A Lush 3 charges to 100% in about an hour and a half. 

Alternatively – and assuming you can afford it – you can keep a fully charged backup toy handy. 

And that about wraps it up, everyone! With that, we’re concluding our Beginner Cam Model Guide! Our aim with this guide is to offer models a more realistic perspective on the current state of the camming industry, along with practical advice for newcomers.

Hope you found it useful, and good luck!

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