Broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously by utilizing camera splitting.

Cam splitting is a widely employed technique on emerging camming platforms. This is primarily due to the limited customer traffic these sites experience, prompting models to split their performances across multiple platforms.

Here’s some available cam-splitters to choose from:

  • ManyCams– ManyCams is a highly favored cam splitting tool among camming models. Apart from enabling broadcasting on multiple platforms, ManyCams offers additional features such as content watermarking and a wide range of webcam feed effects. Both free and premium plans are available for users.
  • SplitCam– This free cam splitting tool enables simultaneous broadcasting on multiple platforms, providing users with webcam effects, the ability to zoom in on specific areas, and other additional features.
  • SPLTSream– This feature-rich cam splitting software comes equipped with various additional functionalities, such as seamless integration of interactive Lovense toys, engaging tipping games, and efficient chat/user management tools.
  • Streamster– Streamster is a webcam splitting software that employs a cloud-based interface to effortlessly “restream” your content across numerous supported adult websites. The video splitting procedure occurs on Streamster’s servers, alleviating the strain on your computer caused by split streaming. Streamster is compatible with an extensive range of adult sites.
  • WebcamMax– Both free and premium versions of WebcamMax are accessible, with the premium version being necessary to eliminate the WebcamMax branding. In addition to the splitting feature, WebcamMax offers a multitude of other effects for users to explore.
  • WebCamSplitter-Among the numerous available splitters, one particular standout offers exceptional flexibility and a wide array of broadcasting options.

Keep in mind, broadcasting to multiple sites, uses more bandwith!

It is crucial to recognize that broadcasting to multiple sites necessitates a larger bandwidth compared to performing on a single site. If you have excellent upload speed, this should not be a concern. However, if your upload speeds are not exceptionally fast, it is advisable to ensure that splitting does not negatively impact your performance. It is also recommended to limit the number of sites you are splitting to a reasonable amount.