Coffee and cams: Webcam model interviews

A new interview series from SoulCams, about life behind the cam, modelling and questions you always wanted to ask.

We want to start a series of interviews with webcam models, because we think it is a very interesting topic for other cam models and viewers. We also know, that many fans, and visitors of cam sites would be delighted to read what Models think of subjects like sexuality, environment, politics or if unicorns exist. Practically, we would ask every Model different questions, based on their interests and personality. We would like to start with Models who actively work on SoulCams, but we might extend it to Models who work on other platforms.

Our interview would contain 5 to 10 question, which we would email to you and you can answer by sending an email back. We would like to include a few good photos (with or without face) and perhaps a short video. You may include a link to your own website, blog or video sharing platform, but we can not directly link to other webcam sites. We also plan to promote these interviews to our members in our monthly newsletter. If you feel like participating, please send us an email or contact us on Twitter.