How to interact with a cam model?

Prioritize understanding your personal desires first

Before engaging in a webcam show, it’s essential to establish your expectations. What are your objectives for this experience? Do you seek physical gratification or emotional satisfaction? Sometimes, it may involve a combination of both.

Even if you’re unsure, models typically gain a good sense of a viewer’s needs within the initial few minutes.

Night explains, “We inquire about how they prefer to be addressed during a private session to gain a better understanding of their desires.” If they respond with a “real” name, it generally indicates a desire for a girlfriend experience (GFE), which tends to be more emotionally oriented. Conversely, if they use terms like “bitch,” “sissy,” or “slave,” it suggests a preference for a BDSM-style performance.

Models usually allow the viewer to guide the session, but they can detect signs of nervousness and may intervene to alleviate any discomfort. Night says, “We need to be prepared to either undress or pose questions when they desire a GFE-like encounter. It all boils down to asking the appropriate questions.”

When you start a session with a model, the agreement is that you’ll abide by their rules and limits. Don’t choose a model you’re attracted to who explicitly says they won’t do a specific act, hoping they’ll do it once you get to know them. This is manipulative behavior and, generally, not a very healthy way to establish relationships.

Familiarize yourself with their profile before taking any actions

Every model has their own boundaries and areas of expertise. Typically, they will outline what they are willing and unwilling to do in their profile, often referred to as their “model menu.” In case this information is not available, you can observe their live session to gain firsthand knowledge.

Additionally, many models include a customized “chat etiquette” in their profile, which you should definitely refer to and follow.

Gain their confidence by practicing proper etiquette

Unfortunately, models encounter scams and time-wasters, which makes them cautious of new viewers. To establish yourself as a trustworthy individual, it is essential to be respectful, friendly, and tip when possible. However, if a model declines your request for a private show right away, it shouldn’t be taken personally.

Night explains, “Just like in real life, chat rooms have consequences, and exhibiting bad manners, attitudes, or ill intentions will quickly result in a ban from the room.”

For viewers who wish to expedite their journey to becoming a fan (which involves earning the model’s favor by regularly attending shows, tipping, and showing respect), following these guidelines is particularly crucial.

Quick tips for being considerate:

When entering a room, greet the model and engage in appropriate chat. This approach will help you build rapport with dedicated fans and other room members more quickly, as suggested by Night.

Absolutely avoid typing explicit requests for webcam acts without providing tips. Remember that webcam models are individuals, not puppets.

Show your appreciation by compensating in some way. If tipping through tokens is not your preference, consider joining their fan club (if available), subscribing to their monthly content, visiting their personal website, or checking if they have an Amazon wish list. These options are usually listed in their profiles, according to Night’s advice.

Avoid expecting anything without payment

Awesome expresses gratitude towards those who financially support their work, as it enables them to pursue it as a full-time endeavor. In return, they can offer their attention, develop connections, and establish relationships with their supporters. It’s worth noting that these supporters also gain access to enticing and seductive content.

There are plenty of sites that don’t charge you to stream porn, like Pornhub, but opinions on these goliaths vary by performer. Some dislike them due to the nature of stolen content. But because these sites have large audiences, most performers have accepted their presence and work with them rather than against them.

“I put [content] up there because I get exposure and paying customers will find me on there and sign up for my pay sites,” says Awesome. “I paywall my premium videos and the personal experiences I provide.”

Do’s and don’t as advised by a model

Models have their own set of boundaries when it comes to subjects and acts, primarily for the sake of safety and privacy. Awesome provides a list of do’s and don’ts as a general guideline, acknowledging that each performer may have their own unique preferences and limits.

The prohibited actions:

  • Refrain from requesting my PayPal or Cash App details. (Directly paying sex workers for their time is illegal, which is why token payment systems have been implemented on websites.)
  • Avoid asking for my personal information.
  • Do not engage in spamming, such as bombarding me with incessant messages.
  • Do not make requests unless you are willing to pay.
  • Avoid demanding attention.
  • Do not expect me to act as a sexual automaton.
  • Refrain from sending unsolicited explicit pictures.

The recommended actions:

  • Feel free to communicate your desires during a private session.
  • Ensure that you make payments through the website where you discovered me.
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of the website.
  • Value and compensate me for the time I dedicate to our session.
  • Respect and honor the prices I have set.
  • Engage in a regular conversation with me at the start of our session.
  • Inform me about your specific fetishes and interests.
  • Enjoy yourself and have a good time!
  • Kindly maintain politeness and respect throughout our interaction.

What models want you to understand about camming:

The adult industry carries a certain stigma, so Night and Awesome want to share some important points with you from the beginning.

  1. Models are not victims:
    There is a misconception, particularly regarding female and trans performers, that someone behind the scenes is controlling their decisions.

Night explains, “Women and individuals who identify as female are fully entitled to explore and enjoy their sexuality. Camming is incredibly empowering. We are not here to steal your partner; we are here for adult entertainment, not romantic relationships.”

In other words, don’t make it your fantasy to rescue or save them (unless you’re willing to pay for that fantasy!).

  1. It’s not easy money:
    The belief that camming is a quick and easy way to make money is a frustrating myth for Awesome. While some individuals achieve overnight success, the majority of performers invest a significant amount of time and effort before gaining momentum.

It took Awesome nearly four years of camming to earn a “decent wage” as a performer. Both Night and Awesome emphasize that most webcam models work long hours, often 50 to 60+ hours per week. Much of their time is spent off-camera, handling marketing tasks and engaging with customers.

  1. Models receive only a portion of their earnings:
    Both the payment processing company and the camming site take a percentage of the earnings, resulting in the models receiving less than the initial amount earned. The exact percentage varies, but models typically keep between 30% and 80% of their total earnings.

Due to this, many models rely on multiple income sources from different sites.

Night advises, “The more income sources a model has, the better. It allows them to focus on enjoying their time on camera rather than obsessing over viewer numbers and tip goals.”

  1. Don’t hesitate to arrange a second session:
    If you enjoyed a session and would like to have another one, setting it up is simpler than you might expect. Night suggests expressing your enjoyment and desire to repeat the experience.
  1. Remember that this is a show:
    Just like when you watch a movie, you don’t leave the theater assuming the actors are exactly like their characters in real life. Similarly, models should not have to constantly remind you that their on-screen persona is different from their personal life. It is your responsibility to remember that there is a separation between the performance and reality.

You can discuss it in the chat or check their cam schedule to find out when they will be online next. Night mentions that most models will send a message after a private show or in the public chat expressing that they had a great time and would like to have another session.

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