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We are happy to welcome you to SoulCams, a site which has been on the market for more than 6 years. Did you know that you can actually make 90% with us? It’s easy: the base commission is 70% and you can earn an extra 20% after referred Members.

 $25.000 in cash prizes every month

That’s not all! We are giving away $25.000 every month on our model contests! Let us highlight the most popular current contest, called Aces and Queens which runs every 8 days.

 Aces and Queens contest:

1st place: $2000
2nd place:$1000
3rd place: $500
4th place: $400
5th place: $350
6th place: $300
7th place: $250
8th place: $200
9th place: $150
10th place: $100
11th place: $50

$2000 Welcome Bonus

As a new Model of the site, we offer you a welcome bonus of $2000!

$1000 Loyalty Bonus

We appreciate and value your hard work and loyalty with a $1000 bonus!

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