The Sky(pe) is the limit

SoulCams now offers private shows via Skype!

We are really excited to announce that we have finished the final tests of our newest feature and from today on you can host private shows using your Skype™ account.
This is an awesome opportunity, as you can offer private shows on the go with chat, voice communication and cam-to-cam. Just think of all the possibilities: you’ll be able to broadcast private shows in nature, from the pool-side, travelling or just walking around in your home. Feel free to use any compatible devices: your phone, a tablet or laptop. We recommend using Skype for occasions, when SoulCams’ classic broadcast method is not available or inconvenient to use.

How does it work?

As a Model, the process is quite simple: you need to register your Skype™ ID first with SoulCams in the Performers Area and install a small plugin called PayPerMinute. You can do that in the Performer account on the very first page at the ’Online through Skype’ box. When finished, just open the PayPerMinute software and log in with the newly created username and password. Make sure, that you are also logged in to your Skype account.

Members will see you as online on Skype™ and can call you to start a private show. Only active SoulCams members with at least one approved transaction can see your Skype ID and can call you on Skype™. After you confirmed the friend request, members will be able to call you using their SoulCams token balance. Your income will appear in your stats right after the Skype show is over.

It’s up to you, how you want to interact with members. You can choose to use both options (live stream and Skype™) or only one of them. Obviously, Skype has no free area, members can only see you and chat with you when they start a private show.

For a more detailed explanation on how to register your Skype ID and the PayPerMinute plugin and how you can receive Skype™ calls, please check out our detailed guide. The wiki page also contains answers to the frequently asked questions.

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