Video contest winners

Video contest is over. More than 1000 videos were submitted for the competition which is an awesome achievement from you. Thank you to all the models and content creators for uploading your videos!

Based on the contest announcement, the first three models uploading the most videos win one of the cash prizes of the total 10.000 Tokens.
The winners are:

  • 1. xCuteVal: 5000 Tk (@xcuteval) 5000 Tk
  • 2. TiffanyLynne (@MVTiffany2020): 3000 Tk
  • 3. BeautyAngel (@beautyangel): 2000 Tk @xcuteval

Also, SoulCams Team decided to reward three other models/content creators (Editors’ Choice) who uploaded minimum 3 awesome, unique videos.

And the Editors’ Choice winners are in alphabetical order:

  • girlmystery (@MissMisty): 1000 Tk
  • GoddessLana: 1000 Tk
  • PonyTails (@PonyTails): 1000 Tk

Congratulation for all of you!

Video uploading is a constant feature on SoulCams and you can always upload fresh videos of you to surprise your fans and followers.

Good news is that you will be able to sell your image albums also very soon on SoulCams!

As always, we are glad to hear feedback, suggestions from you, so never hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

SoulCams Team