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SoulCams Fan Club
We are proud to present You our new feature, the SoulCams Fan Club! Yes, it is already available and you can set it up in your account. You can set a price in tokens (choose from 3 available options) and start uploading your photos to the dedicated Fan Club folder. Albums (and photos) in that folder will only be visible to your Fan Club members. Our next big project is to provide a platform to upload videos, but we will let you know once that is ready. You may also offer other perks to Fan Club members, such as sending videos, making fan signs, giving out free minutes or hosting a special private show. The possibilites are endless, be creative! Member who signed up for your Fan Club will get a special badge in the chat, so you can easily recognize them. They will have a heart icon ‚ô• next to their username.
If you want to know more about this new feature, head over to our Wiki page about the SoulCams Fan Club.


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