In the spotlight: PhoenixR7

We know that you have been on stage since your childhood. Which one was your favorite performance, and what was it about?

That’s a tough question! All my performances were both remarkable and special for me. I experienced some of my happiest moments on stage. If I had to choose one, I guess, it would be my first paid performance as a singer. I was invited to sing a song by a local author and composer. There were many posters with pictures of me all over town. In addition, following the concert, I ended up recording the song professionally for a CD of the concert. To be honest, now I am a little ashamed of that performance. It was not my best work because of the level of singing and the stylistic fit of the music. That said, I got my first payday as a singer! Which was a very important step for me. I used my earnings to buy a silver necklace. I still have it as a reminder of my accomplishment today. Even though that necklace saw some hard times. I even had to get it repaired, because I used to wear it all the time.


If you had to work, but you didn’t need the money, what would you do?

I would be singing and I can say that without a doubt. My chief goal for the future is to buy a house in a secluded place. I would convert part of the house into a stage-room. It would have professional lighting and sound equipment, two poles for pole dancing, a vocal microphone in between them, and a space for both my guitar and piano. I am not sure if I want to perform on a real stage again. Though, I would love to give live performances over the internet. Finally, I want the ability to be able to sing on a moment’s notice, without having to worry about angry neighbors or being too loud.

Would you go to the future or back to the past if you had a time machine?

It depends on whether I get to keep the knowledge I gain when I return back to the present! If I knew the future, then surely, I wouldn’t make some of my future life choices. Those choices would make me into a different person though. Unfortunately, different in no way guarantees better. I would love to travel to the future but only if a return ticket was a part of the package! I want to see the advancement of the human kind. Experience all the new technology and innovation. However, I definitely don’t want to stick around in the future without all the people I love! I would stay for a couple of weeks. Have a look at my accomplishments, and how my life has turned out. Get an idea of the stage-room I would build, as well as my future. Finally, I would love some hints from my future self as to how to achieve my goals faster, better, and so on.

What has been your most bizarre life experience?

Just the one?! You definitely don’t know me that well! My life is like one constant bizarre experience. Each time I move, something happens. When I tell this to people – no one believes me. I have many stories about bizarre coincidences that happen to me.

First some context. I strongly believe that our minds play a huge role in creating our reality. It gets proved to me again and again. I managed to get on intercity buses although the bus scheduled to leace was cancelled. Train and concert tickets become available for me despite others not being able to get them for weeks.

I had a more recent experience a few weeks ago when I went on vacation. I used it to heal my knee, in case you were curious. I had three interesting and somewhat bizarre coincidences. First, I wanted to find an outdoor swing in the shade, so I could read a book while rocking slowly. I didn’t find one for days, despite always being on the lookout for it. I complained to my friend about it. Eventually I told her: “I want it, so I will find it!”. The next hour I saw a swing. It was in a place that I walked past every day, I just didn’t notice it for some reason.

The second coincidence came from me missing pole dance practice. I just thought about performing some elements I learned during vacation. The same day I saw a playground with a pole with a similar diameter to the one I use for my practice. I could even try some moves on it (see picture below).

The third and final coincidence happened during vacation, while I was looking for a book. I told my friend that if I were to find my favorite book here, I would be the happiest person on Earth! There were some people who sold useless trinkets in a market of sorts around that place. Guess what happened next? I walked by and noticed the exact book I was looking for! That’s exactly why such things don’t surprise me anymore. Bizarre things happen to me all the time. And I love it!

Poledancing on the playground

We would like to thank phoenixR7 for answering our questions and participating in our interview series. It is awesome example of how colorful and exciting life can be and we are happy that she lives her life to the fullest. We wish her all the best and looking forward to a new interview!

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  1. I think I can say that I’ve known PhoenixR7 the longest on the webcam pages. I am impressed with your career.
    As a long-time friend, I can only advise, keep going your way, despite all obstacles. You can do it. You have the gift of becoming a star.

  2. Soulcam interview is a delightful way to know the models as real people. They all have interesting lives that seldom get shared.
    PhoenixRx7 is a wonderful example of this. She is a delightfully positive young woman and that shows in her interview.
    Take her into a private session and rather than ask her for a nude show, try asking her something about the life she shared in her interview. You will find a special person inside that model shell. Then if she is willing maybe she will have for you an enticing show as well.

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